Our Story



We celebrate the beauty in all women;

strong, active, expressive, individual, and real.

We founded LumiBloom to change the game, to provide women with choices and a shopping experience that is as wonderful as they are.

Wearing hair extensions has always been fun and easy, but buying hair not so much. We set out to change that:

  • No more long drives
  • No more inconsistent quality
  • No more thoughtless packaging - paper or plastic bags, really!
  • No more judgement, no more debate over real vs fake

Our LumiBloom and extra premium LumiBloom Signature hair is all natural, virgin and sourced from Indian suppliers with a direct connection to the Temples where the hair is gathered. We know because we traveled to India to find the best supplier, to make sure that the hair we sell is hair that we would be proud to wear.

LumiBloom shampoos, conditioners, serums and sprays are formulated to nourish and enhance a woman's natural hair as well as revitalize hair extensions.

The VitaBloom line of natural teas and vitamins stems from our recognition that real beauty emanates from the inside out.

Our Founders

macKenzie hill

MacKenzie Hill,


MacKenzie Hill is a world class Track and Field hurdler and die-hard fashionista hailing from Los Angeles, CA where she graduated from UCLA. Her vision for Relay Collective and the hair brand LumiBloom was inspired by her travels around the world competing in track meets with her co-founder Greg Nixon. It was while on a trip overseas that the two realized that they could help empower communities by putting high-quality hair directly into women’s hands for them to sell to their friends and families.

greg nixon

Greg Nixon,


Whether cutting grass, collecting cans or selling fruit from his family’s trees as a little boy in New Orleans, Greg Nixon has always found the opportunity in everything and ways to share the wealth. He knows about hard work, determination and resilience because he lives it. His dream is that Relay Collective brings financial freedom to communities across the country because he knows firsthand what’s possible when you step up and take control of your own destiny.

Our Ambassadors



Shevon is a seriously talented singer/songwriter who describes her style as “classy chic.” A former elite 400 meter hurdler and Jamaican Olympian, sports have taught Shevon that you have to work hard to get for what you want.

ashlee brown

ashlee brown

Ashley lights up any room she’s in with a style that’s both edgy and chic. As someone who lives by the motto “teamwork makes the dream work” she’s the friend that you can count on to keep things moving in a positive direction.

natasha hastings

natasha hastings

Natasha, an Olympic Gold medalist and Under Amour spokesperson, believes that as women we need to support one another. She describes her style as a little glam with a hint of “diva” but believes most importantly it should look effortless.

Fundamentally, our company is all about you, about all of us, our power, our joy, our health and our wellbeing.

We're out to do more than just build a great company, we're about making new friends, building a strong network and joining with you in the celebration of your choices.

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