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LumiBloom has what you need to create the look you want. Our luxury hair is available at lengths that include 12”, 14”, 16”, 18”, 22”, 24” & 26”. You are just a few clicks away from your fierce new look!!!




LumiBloom has the color you need to match your own hair as well as the color you just want. Choose from our shades of Black, Brown and Blonde to achieve your amazing style! Ask your Professional Stylist about dying your LumiBloom premium hair!




LumiBloom has the right texture for your fierce new look. Go crazy with curls, wild with waves or stylishly straight with your hair. It’s your choice!

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Handpicked & natural

LumiBloom hair is handpicked from temples in India, washed and bundled with the cuticles intact, then brought directly to Relay Collective and packaged. Although we don’t chemically treat the hair, during your first wash you may notice tinted henna-related residue.

Henna is a commonly used all-natural hair-dye alternative. Also, since LumiBloom hair is natural virgin Indian hair, some bundles may be drier than others. In those cases, it simply needs to be conditioned to restore moisture.

To ensure your hair stays looking its best and to prevent it from shedding or becoming dry or tangled, follow the tips below:


1. Watch Your Water - hard water can leave hair looking dry and damaged

2. Condition - generously apply conditioner after shampooing

3. Use High Quality Haircare Products - always use high quality natural products like LumiBloom Shampoo and Conditioner

4. Avoid Swimming - It is not recommended that you swim with extensions, however if you do, take the following precautions:

  • Before entering the water to swim comb out any tangles
  • Never wear a swimming cap or anything that covers your hair, the friction may cause matting
  • Place your hair into a ponytail/bun or a single braid (special note: hair should remain loose in salt water)
  • Try to keep your head above water as much as possible
  • Try to avoid swimming in salt water as the salt can strip hair of moisture and lead to severe tangling (special note: do not braid your hair if swimming in salt water, it is best to keep it loose)
  • After swimming shampoo and condition thoroughly

5. Following Prolonged Sun Exposure to Hot Sun - Heat from the sun can cause your hair to become damaged, dry or brittle. Take the following precautions after time spent in the sun:

  • Place your hair into a ponytail/bun or a single braid
  • After sunbathing do not unbraid hair until it has cooled down
  • After hair cools, undo braid and gently comb hair
  • Follow sunbathing with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner

6. When Dying/Coloring Hair - Although LumiBloom hair can be dyed/colored applying harsh chemicals can cause it to become dry or brittle and/or make it more difficult to manage. Special attention must be paid to the coloring process, ensuring that hair is adequately conditioned and moisturized.

hair tips
washing tips
hair tips

10 Tips for Washing LumiBloom Hair

1. Thoroughly rinse hair with hot water (the warmest you can tolerate)

  • Most dirt is released upon initial contact

2. Lengthen hair while rinsing

3. After initial rinse part hair into 3 sections and apply shampoo

4. Massage shampoo in hair while lengthening (use approximately 1/2 silver dollar size portion per section)

  • Make sure to reach the scalp, however, do not dig, scratch or bunch the hair

5. Rinse thoroughly and repeat steps 3 and 4

6. After 2nd shampoo, rinse and generously condition (use 2-3 silver dollar size portions of conditioner per section

  • If your hair is tangled it is best to comb while conditioner is in your hair

7. Leave conditioner on for 10 minutes

8. Rinse thoroughly

9. Apply LumiBloom Argan Serum

10. Dry hair (make sure your braids underneath your install are dry before styling)

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